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  1. I run KURU FM, a community station in Silver City, NM and I want to let you know that we are running a show called Friendly Fire, and we would like to use the song, My Son John for the show tomorrow or the next week, which I think will be about a Vietnam vet who lost both legs in Vietnam. I’ll see if I can buy the cd on line here but I wanted you to know. I have lots of music friends up in Minneapolis, Peter Ostroushko, Pop Wagner, Bob Douglas, Annie Spring, and more, mostly old time music folks. Bayou Seco even played up there many years ago. I always like to hear from folks that play our music on the radio or have enjoyed our concerts. I am a Vietnam vet myself and this is another great anti-war, or reality of war, song. Especially the musical break, very appropriate. The fellow that produces the show, Don Kimball, does a great job presenting the views of Vets for Peace type veterans. I had heard of your band somewhere so I found it on You Tube. We mostly play as a duo acoustically now but did have a larger electric band at one time. Cheers, Ken

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