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Rockíníreel... Punk-folk... Country music from many countries...
BiL play fiddle, guitars, bass & drums with loads of power and emotion.

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Celebrate Paddy’s Day with BiL and SisterTree
Thursday March 17th at The Cedar





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Boiled In Lead is:BiL in 2009

  • Todd Menton vocals, guitar, mandolin, bodhrán, whistle
  • Drew Miller bass guitar, dulcimer
  • David Stenshoel fiddle
  • Michael Bissonnette drums and percussion (not pictured)

Photo credit Susan Esbjornson © 2015

Since 1983, BiL have been innovators in bridging traditional music from many culltures with the sound and attitude of a rock band. A Boiled In Lead concert is a combination of darkly-tinged folk ballads and originals alongside instrumental dance music from Ireland and elsewhere. The group and the individual musicians have won many Minnesota Music Awards, and toured throughout the US and in Europe.

For 2016, core members Todd Menton, David Stenshoel and Drew Miller move forward as a quartet, adding drummer and multi-ethnic percussionist Michael Bissonette to the lineup. Michael has a wide musical vocabulary, and is heard around the Twin Cities with Katie McMahon, Laura MacKenzie, and Robert Everest (among others.)

Enthusiastic, powerful, technically brilliant, playing a wealth of instruments with extreme dynamics, Boiled In Lead routinely demolishes genres with its highly-identifiable sound. An Onion A&E quote describes the band’s approach well: “...the prime purveyor of a style of Celtic music infused with punk-rock attitude, developing over the years with a hard-driving swirl that combined Irish folk with heavy rock and elements of styles from all over the world. of the best bands Minnesota’s ever produced. ...even without amplification, Boiled In Lead can summon up furious punk-folk energy.”


The Well Below Silver Alloy Complete (3CD) Alloy Orb
  Songs From The Gypsy Antler Dance From The Ladle To The Grave Old Lead


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